Gormley Chiropractic is a true lifesaver and i would hate to think where i would be without Maureen. I have been a consistent patient of hers over the years because she's outstanding. I lead a very active life (run marathons) so injuries happen. I have walked into her office many times hobbling in enormous pain and then have walked out feeling so much better. Her treatment speeds my recovery process up 10X. I am truly grateful for this professional and she simply gets the job done. If you are having any back, joint or muscle pain, go see her. She will help for sure.• • •Christian Habermann

Dr Gormley is the Best! I've had her as my Chiropractor since the early 1980's and the only one I would trust to work on me. Believe you and me if you have her working on you using her expertise whether a minor adjustment or dealing with a pinched nerve or back completely thrown out of alignment due to shoveling or a sore shoulder.
You are in great hands. She calms you by talking to you all the while working on your problem and before you know it you feel Much better to Great!
Many times while in the waiting room I've met out of staters that travel to see her. Don't suffer any more Give her a call.Type your paragraph here.

Richard Carvalho


I have been a patient of Dr. Gormley for about 20years now. I am a musician and a teacher in Arlington and often in need of attention to issues common to professional musicians. I have had great success under the care Dr. 
Gormley. Basically, I walk in pain and walk out pain-free. She does what 
it takes and spends the time necessary to achieve extraordinary results.

I have been to chiropractors from London to Africa, Venice Italy, and San 
Francisco and my best results are right in my back yard. A lifesaver for me. A heartfelt thanks, Maureen. PS: She also treats many of my friends; a 
violinist, a percussionist, a graphic designer, etc.

Easy to get to and parking right outside. A no-brainer! Takes insurance. 
Reasonable rates.

Alan Tauber
The DrumConnection
Arlington, MA              

Dr. Gormley treated me for some pretty significant injuries I sustained to my neck and right knee.  This caused severe headaches, neck pain, dizziness and tingling in one of my arms and I could not walk without limping from knee pain.  As a colleague I knew that Maureen would take great care of me as we had known each other for several years. There was no question in my mind about from which of my fellow DCs I should seek care.  It didn't matter that I had to travel a bit to get to see her.

My experience could not have been better.  Within a very short time, Dr. Gormley had my headaches and other neck related symptoms reduced to near zero and my knee did not bother me at all.  She knew that I would follow up with the regimen of stretching and ice for a few weeks thereafter and my injuries resolved completely.  I have referred many patients to her over the years for second opinions and for the purpose of taking over their care when distance presents a problem for the patient.  In my opinion Dr. Gormley's clinical skills and comforting personality are 10 on a scale of 10!"

Dr. Kevin S. Zegel
Promotor of Nordic Natural vitamins and fish oils along with Peter Gillham's Calm Probiotics.